We are a small company based at Balearic Islands (Spain). Our small workshop is dedicated to the cutting and sewing of high class customers shoes from all over Spain. Some of our most respected and known clients are:



Yanko - Farrutx - Acosta - Victorio & Lucchino - Muxart - Jaime Mascaró

   Francisca Perelló is the person in charge of the workshop. Her dedication to shoe manufacturing goes back more than 45 years, beginning her path with the age of 16 in an internationally known shoe factory Yanko. From then on, she climbed over the entire factory hierarchy which helped her domain every step of the quality shoe manufacturing, getting the necessary level in quality, technology and precision.

   Our Industrial Equipment is the state of the art of the technology in our field, always carefully following our ideology, which embrace the large experience, formation and craftsmanship production to achieve our single goal which is making 1st quality shoes.